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Kit of Parts Review: Kacie Leisure [well up]

Kacie created three different spaces using “well up” as her concept word.. With her models and professionally completed drawings, she was able to clearly communicate each space.


Kacie’s first space, she chose the idea of bursting to be represented in her long and narrow space.  Her idea around bursting, was that when something wells up, it eventually gets to the point of needing to burst.  In this space, she used a wall and two columns.  The wall in the space is separating public and private space and one of the columns has shelves that are stacked on top of each other until they “burst” at the top of the column near the ceiling.  Kacie used materials (wood and granite) to help the shelving unit stand out as the focal point to her concept word.


Her second space uses the idea of well up by incorporating elevation, verticality and linear forms. Entering the space, you are surrounded by a vertical posts that support a loft space.  The use of deep mahogany woods for the solids draw your eyes upwards – thus welling up.  The loft space is used as the private space, and the main level houses public spaces.  The concrete floors contrast the woods in color and luster, thus keeping your focus on the verticality the space has.


Kacie’s third space is the largest space at 32’4 x 22’. She used the idea of extreme and overwhelming feeling or emotion.  She has said that this space was the most difficult for her to design because she needed to base it off of something that wasn’t physical.  She went with “designing to provoke these feelings and emotions involved in welling up.”  The materials used are white marble for the walls and very dark strand bamboo for the floors. There are free flowing, circular walls that create the barriers between public and private spaces.  The idea of family get togethers was behind one of her ideas for this space and incorporating a fire place is appropriate – having a hearth of the home.

Kacie’s grasp of successfully laying out her boards in a clear concise fashion really help her with her presentation and I enjoy viewing her ideas.  She has a good command of digital modeling and using the cam studio to have her physical models look crisp and clean.  All in all – a really professional look.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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