Low voltage wiring

This wiring shit is fun!!   I know what an RJ-45 cable crimping tool is and I’m good at it. I’ve also realized that I need to run more cable to reception… But I know how to do that and make the cable. it’s like a puzzle. 🙂




Monday is not funday…

The morning started off with a really stellar cup of coffee. I mean it was so good, I filled a tall superman glass with half the pot of coffee and took it with me to work.   I even finished snaking all the wiring through the attic and got the ends (which I labeled) into the mechanical room. 

Now, many may not know this, but I’m pretty scared of heights and for the past few days of doing this wiring, I’ve climbed 10′ tall ladders and just worked through my fear because that’s what I do. I need to get shit done and no ladder is going to control me. 

So, It was all going well… I was finishing up snaking the last wire in and..  

You can call it a stunt, but it was a fall. I was on this stupid wobbly step ladder about 5′ in the air, thinking I’d be ok with the wall next to me, when it suddenly started to tip. By the grace of Dog, I didn’t break a hip or a neck, so I figured I was ok. I threw that mother-flipping step ladder out and reluctantly got the bigger ladder to finish what I was doing. 

So after surviving that fall, thinking I was ok and now laying in bed, I realize that I bruised and messed up my elbow and back.  I’m glad I’m ok but for petes sake!!!! I’m usually positive and easygoing but I’m just ready for things to work the way they should, people to do the things they say they would do and I’m ready for this now. 


Fun with wires

 Today I’m learning what it means to be proficient in computer networking. Or at least run wires. More of the later, honestly…  I’m just a helper to someone who knows what they are doing. 😉

Ahh. Attic and insulation. I’m afraid of heights, so getting up 10′ into this attic is a pretty big deal for me. 

Miles and miles of this stuff but after today, the business wiring for phones and computers will be done and working.


Review of my blog

It’s been over two years since I graduated from uncg, and as I lay here on a Friday trying to have a few minutes of downtime, I decided to revisit some of my previous design ideas.
Its remarkable the transformation I took over the course of four years in the Interior Architecture program at UNCG. I don’t miss being a sleep deprived student spending overnights in studio, but I do miss some of the people I went to school with AND many of the amazing teachers that I came in contact with. It was quite a community of talented designers and the collaboration and team work was one of my favorite parts. 

I feel a desire to blog again and depending on how long it lasts, I will be updating here. There is so much of myself invested in this blog and it feels like home. My posts will vary in topics, based on how I feel at the time. 

I hope you will join me on this new journey. 

Update on Flex-space

I’ve made a few changes to the flex-space based on some feedback.  I opened it up a bit and made less moving parts.  Here is what I have so far.


flex openThe desk area is completely open to the Bedroom and flex space.  This view, directly across from the washer dryer, has the storage cabinets on the right side of the unit against the outside wall.  This change, gives the unit a more open feel.

The desk space has few moving parts.  First, the platform shown with the laptop on it, slides freely through the unit to allow for more desk space when needed on either side.  The drawer above, with the printer, slides back and forth to allow for easy reach.  The top bookshelf is completely open.Flex closed

When the unit is closed, the closet space and the utility storage is not viewable, however the left side of the unit is open through to the bedroom area.  This allows for usability from both the flex space, and bedroom at any given time.FilesThe seating how now been integrated into the unit… When not in use, the seat, on rollers, can be pushed out of the way under the  desk space.  There is a hidden file system in the seat when needed.