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Jenga 2.0: kit of parts + 1

Jenga 2.0 was a one week project focusing on one of my spaces from Jenga 1.0 concept word “Beehive”.  For 2.0, I was provided with the opportunity to expand the original space by 50%, adding a second story and adding another kit of parts.  My idea was based on a man made beehive that has the appearance of a chest of drawers.  I originally chose to use two solids in my space, and I added an additional solid as a ceiling detail on the top floor of the space.  This detail resembles different levels of a honey comb that have lights hanging from them to resemble dripping honey.  
Here are my boards:

My floor plans in more detail:

first floor plan

second floor plan (loft#1)
third floor plan (loft #2)

 My sections:

main section

right section

ceiling plan


And here is my model:

Overall I am pleased with my progression from the first project and I’m looking forward to moving forward to see where we end up.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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