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Kit of Parts Review: Justin McNair [spark]

Justin created three separate spaces based on the word spark.  Each space represents a different interpretation of the word and his models and drawings clearly communicated his concept word.

energy and tension to create a spark

Justin’s first space is based off of the precursor of energy and tension it takes to initiate  a spark.  This space was the most narrow of spaces and his intention was to have it appear that the space was being pulled in two separate directions. Using platforms on opposite ends of the room emphasized that pull and tension.  He states that “this directional pull is an indicator to spaces of comfort and privacy.”

outward radiating nucleus

His second space is centered around an nucleus that radiates outward.  The spark begins at the center and pulsates away from the center and he used his kit of parts to help communicate this. 
Justin created a large rounded glass block wall that would not only provide light throughout the space but also give a sense of privacy.  A shorter rounded wall was opposite this first wall and a column sat in the center, representing the nucleus.  He used different layers in this space as well which acted as layers of ripples defining spatial functions.

rawness of a spark

Justin’s third space is based on the rawness of a spark, “where materiality and abstract form play a vital role.”  He uses glazed concrete floors to represent a raw crudeness in the space. Lofts and angular walls give the effect of claustrophobic spaces while still maintaining its exposure to the rest of the space.

Justin has a very interesting way of coming up with his ideas for each space and his drawings and renderings were really great. He shows a good command of both digital rendering as well as hand drawing.


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