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Designer Self Assessment

Assessing ourselves on our final project of the artist studio space is something we have been asked to do.  I am usually my own worst critic and realized that that did not change during this project..

I found some things that I would change, and others that I wouldn’t.

  When I put my board together, I had gone through a few different designs for making a super-graphic and in the end, I decided on not using one.  it was mostly a decision based on my time management skills with this project; really my lack of them.  I did the sketch-up part of the project first prior to finishing my perspectives and floor plan re-do.  This process took me a bit of time since I was really getting used to sketch-up and was not understanding a lot of what I was doing.  After much help I received from Shawn our tech guy, and going through the video training more then once, I was able to get quite a good grasp on what I was doing.  One thing I would do differently would be to manage my time better.  I definately wasted alot of time at home – cleaning, laundry and playing with the dogs to name a few.  Not that there shouldn’t be time for those things, but I had a difficult time focusing here.  I can understand the importance from this project on the need to be in studio to get some of these things done.  When I bring my headphones and listen to music, it drowns out the studio noise and I can focus on what I need to do instead of being distracted by things at home.

I am happy with my verbal presentation and for the most part, my board.  I think I laid it out pretty well and I am really happy that I decided to print the sketch-up and materials pics on glossy photo paper.  Not only did the pictures show up really well on the board, but the sketch-up images did not print dark like many other boards had.  I am super happy with my final design and think it would make a great studio that would inspire many different artists.  Overall – I am happy with this project.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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