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" Artist Loft" – IAR 102 Final Project

This final project for was fairly easy for me to design.  My original ideas were just expanded and used towards my final presentation and I am truly happy with it.  I think it would make a really great space for a visiting artist.

Gates Rendering

The artists I designed for were Jean-Claude and Christo – a married couple who do environmental art installations.  They have said that the purpose of their art is simply to create works of art for joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes.  None of their work is permanent.  I used their installation of “The Gates” in NYC as one of my inspiration images for this space.  I was lucky enough to be living in NY at this time to see it in person and it was truly fascinating.

The Gates – Central Park, NYC

I also used roller coaster tracks and its rolling mechanism as my inspiration for the bookcase design I created.

Coaster Tracks
Coaster Mechanism

I chose to make a transparent loft space on the west wall using fire-proof high impact glass tile flooring and a spiral stairway leading up to the space.  This space will house an entertainment area as well as a convertible leather couch to be used as a bed.  On the lower level, I have the space open, but able to be separated by a few objects.
1 – First being the bookshelf which is suspended from a metal track (attached to the north and south wall) and held onto the track by the mechanism shown above.  This allows a closing off of the studio space (diffusing the light from the exterior door) for more privacy.
2 – Metal arches holding up the loft area that mimic the archways of “The Gates”
3 – A walled off private bathroom. This wall area backs up to the galley kitchen area, so to share plumbing and I felt it was the best use of space.

One of my favorite features of this space is the exterior “loading dock” entrance.  This was originally a solid metal roll up door.  Due to code requirements, we still needed to maintain the second area of egress, so I decided to widen the door and use the fireproof glass I used on the loft area, and incorporate a built in door that rolls up with the new glass rolling door.

Here are some renderings from Sketchup to give you more of an idea of what the space looks like.

Glass and metal rolling up door to the loading dock entrance.  Bookshelf can be seen here too.

View looking west into the kitchen. Bathroom is directly behind kitchen.
View of loft area showing glass flooring and railing. Spiral stairway to the left.

My featured artists have many environmental installations around the world, which I chose as artwork on the west wall in the loft area. I felt this softened up the space.  I also chose primary colors, as colors are very important to these artists.

Here is my final board presentation.  Although I would change the layout slightly, I am pleased with how it turned out.

Final Board


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