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Christo’s Artistic Hurdle in Colorado – ABC News

This is an amazing story of the most recent work of my chosen artist for my Architecture studio design projects.  Even if this project never gets built, Christo says that this project is a success because it is getting people to talk about art. Hopefully it does proceed –  I would love to be a part of this installation

Christo’s Artistic Hurdle in Colorado – ABC News.

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Models – in process

While in Scotland for my study abroad, I have really grown as a designer and student. I’ve gained an incredible amount of confidence in Model making, which was my number one goal in coming here.  I’ve learned how to set up laser cutter files to build my models as well as used AutoCad, and the Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign suite to a larger capacity than before.  The confidence I have gained will suit me well going into my final year at UNCG and beyond in whatever field I obtain employment in.

Over the past few weeks, I have been involved in designing a final project in my Architecture Studio at the University of Strathclyde – Glasgow.  I will upload my designs once they are complete (along with an explanation of what they are) but I wanted to showcase my models that I’ve completed building today. These images are my building in process and you will see two models.  The first one is made of Acrylic.  I’ve never built with Acrylic before and was excited to try it.  I had it laser cut and put it together with a liquid called Plastic Melt.  It basically welds the pieces of plastic/acrylic together to form quite a tight bond.  The design includes having the interior floor plan etched into the acrylic floors for each level.  I am pretty proud of how it turned out!

The second model is made of wood and it is a model I decided to redo from my first project in North Berwick.  All of the buildings are to scale now to eachother and it really went together smoothly.  I had to re-cut the roof since it was the wrong size initially, but I’m happy with it.

Considering I have never prepared files for the laser cutter prior to this semester, or put together a model out of acrylic, I am thrilled with the end result.

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Video re-blog

While studying Architecture in Glasgow, Scotland, I have also begun a walking class entitled “Walking through the Secrets of the City” and we had our first class meeting this past Tuesday, April 17th.  The description of the class is as follows:

” Discover the secret life of the City’s buildings on six guided walks that explore the overlooked and obscure aspects of Glasgow.  Exercise your eye for detail, and see the surprising architectural and sculptural detail of the city’s buildings.  these walks will show an unfamiliar side of the familiar streets, as we identify traces of the past and present, map the lost rivers, canals, railways and paths of Glasgow, and experience the multiple layers of history and heritage that lie beneath the surface…”

Being a history buff when it comes to historical information on cities, I was extremely excited for this class to begin and posted a video description of the images I took on my travel blog.  I decided to post it here as well since it relates to my studies, and you can follow along if you so choose as you hear a 20 minute history behind some of the images.

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Visual Communications Final Project

presentation board

 This final class in the Visual Communication series of second year had us in groups to design a model based on the house we constructed in Rhino.  The group I was in (Kathryn Frye, Cassie Bradfield, Carlie Blake) did The Bordeaux House.  (aka: Maison à  Bordeaux) 
The Bordeaux House was designed by rem koolhaus for a family in France and had many moving parts and platforms.  One of the owners was handicapped and confined to a wheelchair so moving him from one floor to the next was taken into account.  The floor went with him!
With the idea of moving parts in our minds, we designed our model base as a topographical map cut into a total of 12 pieces.  We made the map out of layers of cardboard and covered them with a form fitting polystyrene to make a smooth model base, yet able to move each of the 12 pieces from their place.  This conceptual model symbolized the moving parts of the house and was in sharp contrast to the landscape that the house actually sits on in France.  where in life it is a lush green natural area, our landscape for the model was sparse and anything but natural.  
Our representation of the house on the model was made of a wood that we treated with teak oil and it sat loosely on top of the base.  Since the actual house in France is made of metal and glass, we wanted to make our model out of a primitive, natural material.  This too helped flip the notion of what is natural and unnatural about the property compared to our model.
For our presentation board, we chose to use the topography base of our model as the background and superimpose the image of the house.  It seems very dreamy and the colors, again, are in stark contrast to the green lush landscape it is situated on.

Image credit: carlie blake

image credit: carlie blake
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Today in studio was  “help your peer” day.  We were previously put in groups of two based on what your strengths were.  Some of the topics were Model Building (sharon & justin), 3D Digital (brian & philip) and Writing (kathryn & kara).  Jamaan and I were assigned PRESENTATION. 
It was incredibly helpful to get many of the tips offered.  There are so many things that I want to learn and don’t have time to approach my peers as often as I would like to “pick their brains”, so today was really terrific.

Below is the handout that Jamaan and I put together for our presentation.  In addition, we did a quick exercise to demonstrate the importance of planning, breathing, organizing and focusing on what you are presenting.  I hope everyone enjoyed it.

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Jenga 3.0 process work

Bringing our three buildings together to form one complex has resulted in the following process work and design.

North Building Section
South Building Section

East Building Section
West Building Elevation

Site Plan
Public Space East Section

Public Space West Section

Public Space South Section

Public Space North Section

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Thanks Dajana!

One of my classmates, Dajana, forwarded me this blog posting that really speaks to my beehive design.  Each canopy unit takes on an individual feel, however combined, they really come together to form something quite spectacular.

You can find the blog here:

Thanks again Dajana for sending this to me! This is definitely one of my inspiration images!

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Studio Wall Project

photo credit: katherine mccain

My studio with Robert Charest began the semester designing an interpretation of a wall.  Originally there were two groups to design two separate walls, a Rammed Earth Wall and a Minimalistic wood frame wall.  The class came together and chose to work on one wall; the Minimalistic wood frame wall. This last week of class, they have built a 1/4 scale model and on Thursday 12/9, began the installation in the lobby of the Studio Arts building. The project will be complete on Monday 12/13 with an board explaining the history of the project as well as the process they went through to completion.

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Spiritual Essence

This first semester studio with Robert Charest provided with the opportunity to develop a cancer wellness retreat center for families on a property located in Haw River, NC. Owned by Ms. Sydney Pennix, her vision was to create a space for families to come together to help in their healing process. Being inspired by her vision, we approached this project with the notion of having the structure being “born” from the land. This provided us the opportunity to use the land to help create moments of serenity and contemplation.

My group consisted of Kathryn Frye, Brian Peck and I. To follow, you will find the presentation board, a picture of our final model as well as our digital presentation.  We put our heart and soul into this project and you can find a piece of each of us in each rendering. 

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History & Theory – MACHINE

For our History and Theory of Design class final project, I constructed a 3d model of a place in our final section labeled “Machine”.

I chose to feature the view of the Parthenon and the Acropolis from the Acropolis museum… using the window as the machine for the place.

My inspiration was this image (shown above left) and here is my project: