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Old Time Ski-Car

Scavenger Hunt- Clue 5

Pick a car, any car, and draw it.

So, I found this awesome car (would love to have this).  Here is the original picture..

We then needed to sketch it… so, here is that attempt..

Now, when I saw this car, I immediately thought it would look cool as a convertible.. and when I think of convertible, I think of two things… Summer and a VW bug.  So I took the VW bug idea and ran with it and instead of summer, I chose to modify this car for winter and, well.. see below..

Yes, I put ski’s on it. I also gave the front bumper some teeth and the grill two pig nostrils cause it looked like a face to me.  I also gave it a ships wheel instead of a regular steering wheel and I topped off this ride with a cool daisy on the antenna. 

 And here is my final rendering… 🙂
This was a super fun project – Thanks Suzanne!!!

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Sketching Scavenger Hunt – part 2,3,4

Scavenger Hunt clues 2-4

For this latest hunt, we needed to choose an object and draw small thumbnails of details on it.  I chose my altoids container.  This container reminds me of a bumblebee and it’s appropriately named, “Cool Honey”.  (I highly recommend it, too…)  From this object, I drew 25 small thumbnails of things I found on the outside of the container and after that, I took three of the objects I enjoyed the most and drew them one last time.

From here, I designed a simple reading area and took my last three sketches as imspiration.  We were then instructed to choose 4 colors and render the room in 4 different ways.

The top inspiration image of the two curves, you will notice a curve motif on the wall opposite the window.  the middle inspiration image shows up in the round pillow on the day bed/couch area.  And the Honey ‘spoon’ can be seen in the stripes on the walls.

I enjoyed doing the 25 sketches ALOT!  I found it somewhat challenging to narrow my vision so to speak to find things to draw, but once I did, I really had fun with it!!

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The Sketching Scavenger Hunt


This weeks assignment was to find two places on campus that have some kind of significance to us.  I had to think hard about this one, because there are not many places I go to on campus besides studio.  After a while, I came up with quite a few places I do go to.  I sketched the two that I hold most dear.

This first one is Starbucks.  Yes, Starbucks.  This is an important place to me – a Heaven if you will – because I hold caffeine in high regard.   

I decided to go here after class and sit in the corner with my Venti Iced Carmel Macchiato (with extra carmel – yummy) and sketch, showing my view.  I did this sketch in HB pencil and just used a small amount of color for my green ArtBin.  I chose to do this space, because my alone time here is usually because I am overwhelmed, tired and feeling anti-social due to the work due for IARC.  I take my time out here to do nothing… minimize my thinking.  The reasoning behind my coloring the artbin, and nothing else, is because it resembles the reason I am there. What is my priority – IARC.  And, oh… how it drives me to drink…

Carmel Macchiato’s.

My second sketch is of the gathering room at the Alumni Hall.  This is on the basement level in that building and kind of a large room with a bunch of couches, chairs, a long dining room style table and a fireplace.  It looks like someone’s living/dining room.  It also has alot of windows along the east wall, bringing in alot of light.  it’s a very cozy room with alot of wood.

I used pen for this sketch and used little color again.  I mainly showed shadows, the light from the lamp, and alittle color on the fireplace.
This room means the world to me because of what happens here.  This is where my GLBT group meets every week.  We all come together and talk about what is happening with us… things on our mind, things we are going through and it is just an incredibly supportive place.  Last week was especially meaningful to me because of something that happened there.  I shared a pretty traumatic event that has happened with my son recently and was just feeling inadequate and unsure if my actions with the situation and if I was enabling him or not.  The love and support I received from this group really helped me more then they could ever realize and I consider them all close friends.  Not only because of this event, but even more so now.  I am going to miss this room over the summer..

Suzanne’s class last Tuesday really inspired me to look within at my own style.  I have been struggling with sketching and really hold no real attachment to my sketchbook. I rarely look back to see what I have done and have really used it lately for notes on sketchup.  I love hand drawing (drafting) and technology.  I am actually glad that this assignment is MAKING me use my sketchbook more and once this semester is over, I really want to look at my first semester book and this one to see how I have progressed.  I just may start to really love sketching.. 🙂  (really, it can happen…)