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Will you look at that…..

Yeah, so a few months goes by rather quickly.  Surgery / recovery / more bandage changes / casts and time out of work, but as of August 6th, I’ve been ok to go back to work and after going back gradually, I’ve been now full time for a month.  It feels great to have a life again.  One more trip to the doc for my foot and I should be cleared.

and here are my xrays…  IMG_3926




I’m screwed… and what’s cool is that you can see the hardware from my ankle surgery in 2009!

I’m hoping I get full mobility back and my therapy will help with that…

So, while I continue to heal and be stubborn because I’m not 100% yet and want to do everything at 100% super-hero power, I’m alive and my Tinker and I are doing perfect together.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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