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Construction Materials And Methods… a walk down memory lane.

In keeping with my goal of purging items I’ve collected and don’t need, I come across my final submittal project one of my favorite classes; Construction Materials and Methods. I took this class at Central Piedmont Community College in charlotte during the fall of ’08. When I completed this class, I got accepted to UNCG’s Interior Architecture program in Greensboro and when Professor Braswell, an architect, found out, he was devastated I wasn’t going to go on to become an architect. He’d often said i had the eye for it. Many years later, while studying architecture in Scotland, I realized i made the right choice as a career, but it was quite an honor for me to have him believe in me the way he did. Not all liked him, he was a hard ass, but he reminded me of my Grandpa Volpi and could relate to him and I enjoyed all of his classes immensely.

In this class, we took many field trips to construction sites and factories to see how things were made. I got to go to the top of the NASCAR Hall of Fame office tower as it was being built and it was a class that fueled my love for joinery and construction.

This is a hard one to purge because it holds so much memories for me and it was a class I was proud of and a time of renewal for me. Ten years later, I’m finding myself in the same position… a-little older and a-little wiser, but yet still a-little fragile and insecure.

Yes, this is a hard one, but I’m ready.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

2 thoughts on “Construction Materials And Methods… a walk down memory lane.

  1. Most people don’t have even a file cabinet. Congratulations on a great job. Many people have faith and confidence in you.
    Scan it and purge. Love you

    1. Thanks Q. I’ve been carrying around for all these years. It did serve a purpose in getting me out of taking another construction class, but now there is just no need to keep it. It’s already in the dumpster.

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