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Review of my blog

It’s been over two years since I graduated from uncg, and as I lay here on a Friday trying to have a few minutes of downtime, I decided to revisit some of my previous design ideas.
Its remarkable the transformation I took over the course of four years in the Interior Architecture program at UNCG. I don’t miss being a sleep deprived student spending overnights in studio, but I do miss some of the people I went to school with AND many of the amazing teachers that I came in contact with. It was quite a community of talented designers and the collaboration and team work was one of my favorite parts. 

I feel a desire to blog again and depending on how long it lasts, I will be updating here. There is so much of myself invested in this blog and it feels like home. My posts will vary in topics, based on how I feel at the time. 

I hope you will join me on this new journey.