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three cheers for final year!!

Entering into my final year in the Interior Architecture program at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro, is pretty bittersweet.  I never thought I would make it past second year, being it was really testing my sanity, but alas, here I am.  Fall semester I’m taking my Interior Architecture IV studio class, Cultural Anthropology, Earth Science and then getting credit for my summer internship.  In total, 16 credits.

So, the first post of this new year will introduce my new studio projects, which are pretty exciting to say the least.  My teacher, Jo Leimenstoll,  is our historical preservation expert in the department and even teaches on the Grad level in the historical preservation focus.  She is known throughout the city’s planning/historical department and is really just a great teacher, so I am super exited to have her this semester.  We have two projects that we are working on simultaneously; the first is based out of Florence, SC and the second is at Woodlawn Plantation in Alexandria, VA.  I will focus on the Florence project in this post, as it’s the one I’m working on now. 🙂

Florence, SC recently designated a few streets as being in a historical district, so the current state of the area (very dilapidated and choc full of slumlords) will change drastically over the next few years.  Our focus is a building currently being developed into a boutique hotel, named Hotel Florence and the city has put out this competition for students to submit their own designs for the hotel.  Even though our designs will not be used as inspiration for its actual development, there is a cash prize involved and that is pretty nice too. The building is located on W Evans Street and the main building is three levels, the building to its left is one story, and the building to the left of that is two stories.  All three buildings need to retain their current facade design, but the interiors will be linked together to make one larger space; thus the hotel.

What I loved about the start of this project, is that instead of writing a whole design statement or concept (which is kinda silly to do in the beginning of the projects,  honestly), we were asked to write a haiku and pair it with an image that relates somehow.  Here is my haiku

No surprise here – I love to see the inner workings of things, and that is what my design is based on.. The design will also incorporate natural materials, I’m honoring the history of Florence and the restaurant will serve all local organic foods.  I had to make a menu too. here is that!

And here is my preliminary model in sketchup.

Updates to project to follow!!


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