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Edinburgh Site Ideas – preliminary

working through different layout ideas, I find sketchup pretty helpful.  Today, I take each spacial requirement and make boxes to define them.

cafe/bar/reception – @30-50 sqm  — Multipurpose space – @30-50sqm  —  staff areas – @ 10-15sqm  —  gallery – @120-150sqm

Because I want to keep the ruin walls intact and accessible to touch from the exterior, I begin by playing with these defined spaces by moving them around the site I have built, as well.  Deconstruction of space comes to mind and makes sense to me, as the site is surrounded by this former structure whose remains are left – it has been reduced to a shell and I want to take this idea and play with it.

Numerous boxes, suspended in space with light creating seams around the corners… Using various colors to define “zones”? I’m not sure if this will work since I don’t want to see this as a carnival, however I do like the idea of defining the corners of these suspended boxes.  I also love the idea of building the structure (out of whatever material – glass comes to mind quite a bit) only about .15m from the wall.  Far enough away from it to still see details from inside, but yet close enough to it to prevent walking along side at least one side of the building.. being able to see through to the north side of the property without accessing it.  Here is my model in process…

sketchup model


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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