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Site Selection – Edinburgh Project

As previously mentioned, My final project will be designing a gallery space for Christo and I mapped out the four sites we had to choose from.  In the end, I chose the Gap Site in Grassmarket.  here are some notes and pictures I took of the site.

“The gap site is right on Grassmarket and to the left and back of it, there is a stairway that leads towards the castle and Johnston Terrace. Currently a garden for the neighborhing apartment building (circa 1984?), there are trees and a great open front space for gathering.  Grassmarket is a fairly popular area in the Southside with many pubs and shops and even a costume shop. There are at least two hotels in the area and this street has amazing views of Edinburgh Castle up the street. It has a very bohemian feel.  The existing stone walls could be incorporated into the design.  There could also be an entrance in the back on the upper level where the stairs go around the building as well as an entrance onto the Grassmarket.  This would be an interesting site to explore, however losing the  garden area would be a shame for the community.  There were two people walking around it when I got there.”



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