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Final Project Mapping – Edinburgh

For our final project in my Architecture studio at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, we are designing a public gallery based on our chosen artist from our previous project.  This section of the semester is called “To Settle” and I began my process of design by thinking about what it means to settle.

To Settle:  take up residence, become established in the area; form a community; to be stable in your life; become fixed and resolved – creating permanence.

The scope of the project is to create a small contemporary gallery for Christo, while keeping in mind that we are on a tight budget so being economical in costs is imperative.  There needs to be a good use of space and the design should consider sustainable practices.


*  reception – approximately 15 sqm with a staff of 2. (include office area/cafe here?)

*  Small public gallery – @ 120-150 sqm  Must have multi-function capabilities

* Multi-purpose space – @35-50 sqm. This is a flex space for temporary galleries, classroom for community (?) Needs storage/cupboards and much natural light.

* Cafe/Bar – @ 30-50 sqm.  This will be an additional source of income so it will be open longer hours than the gallery. (separate outside entrance?) Keeping in mind the need for food storage & washing up in addition to this space.  It may sell hot/cold drinks and snacks in lieu of having a full kitchen.

* Staff areas – @ 10-15 sqm for administrative activities, break rooms and artist space.  There will be no more than four staff employed.

* Public toilets – for both male and female. There is a ground floor fully accessible toilet that is required and these toilets need to acomodate up to 150 visitors per day.

Things to ponder:

. what scale should each space be?

. circulation of space? how do people move around?

. how do you treat thresholds? transitions of space?

. Is structure exposed or hidden?

. How much natural/artificial light and is it appropriate for gallery space and art work being displayed?

Explore sustainability and economic construction.  Look to successful models of gallery spaces.   there are no material constraints and it will be framed construction.


The class were given four sites in Edinburgh, Scotland to explore.  They are as followed with a quick sketch I did of each site:

Site#1 – 32 Cockburn Street (off of high street near the Royal Mile) building currently houses “Crew”

Site#1 "Crew"

Site#2 – 5 Hamilton Place in Stockbridge – building currently houses “Lancers” and backs onto a canal

Site#2 - "Lancers"

Site#3 – Betw. 92-94 Grassmarket – building named Mission Hall and currently appears to be vacant but there was a hotel there at one point.

Site#3 - "Mission Hill"

Site#4 – Gap Site on Grassmarket There is currently a wall ruin and an existing garden for the use of the adjoining apartments.

Site#4 - Gap Site


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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