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Project One Final pin-up – Strathclyde

For this semester’s first project, we were required to design a studio/residence for an artist client of our choosing. I chose Christo and Jeanne-Claude. (the later is deceased, but Christo still includes her name on his projects) I have designed a project for them before in first year at UNCG, and I was interested to see how my design would be different, right from the onset.

We were given a specific site for this project – 82 High Street, North Berwick, Scotland and were told that we could only design the facade with brick and that the facade and style of the building shell were the only details we needed to be concerned with.  I began by doing a few freehand sketches of the street in all directions.  Here they are:

North West view of High Street
North East view of High Street
Southwest view on High Street from Thistle
Southeast view from Thistle on High Street

From here I went through a few different designs and they really morphed over time… Here are images to see how my design went through its metamorphosis.

First (right) and Second (left) designs
Rendition 3 - in context
Chosen Design - rendition 4

This chosen design provided a very small courtyard on the right side of the building and gave a bit of interest.  Here are some very quick elevations of what I did based on this design..

East/West Elevation
Front Elevation
Street elevations of adjoining buildings

I came up with my final design within two weeks of the final review for this project and being that I already had a few weeks less time than all of the other students (being my later enrollment and access to project details) I was less than pleased with my final output.  I was however commended for doing such a radical overhall of my design and that it was such an improvement and were excited about the addition of the courtyard.  I have another chance at the end of the semester where I will be submitting both this project and my final for review, so my goal is to revise and make stronger a few of my submissions.

One thing I am happy about is my ability to have access to the schools woodshop and laser cutter.  They have full time staff for both areas and I just drop off my project at the laser cutter guy and he gives me the final cut the following day.  It’s actually a great setup and would be something to think about, at least during project times at UNCG.  here are copies of my models..

This model was not "Tommy" proof and did not withhold up to a fall.
Just facade's of the adjoining buildings

There was an issue with Scale on my building model in relation to the adjoining buildings and that, too, will be fixed for the final presentation.  I’m just pleased that I was able to do this, as it was my first time setting up the file for the laser cutter.

Here are some of my other submissions on this project.

featured artists

Design in Context

concept and process


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