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university of strathclyde – studio time

For the spring semester of third year, I am studying architecture at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.  The first project this semester consists of learning how to build with brick with the final outcome of designing a townhouse structure for an artist of our choosing.  The class visited a town called North Berwick, located on the east coast of Scotland (about 30 minutes from Edinburch).  We were given a site to choose from to focus on our construction and were required to survey the surrounding areas and do self study research and design development that includes notes, sketches and photographs.  Eventually, we will each be building a model of our facade design, as well as having presentation boards that will be displayed at a local art venue for the public to view.

One of our first days of studio this semester, we were asked to play with blocks and sugar cubes. This was for us to get out creative juices going and to see how things hold up, or not for that matter.  Here are some pictures from this studio.  It was fun!

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