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For our latest project in materials class, I formed a group with Brian Peck and Kathryn Frye to study the efficiency of the Germany Solar Decathlon house that I have previously researched in studio.  I built the structure in REVIT and then imported it into ECOTECT.  ECOTECT is a Sustainable Building Design Software program that we learned in class and it’s really amazing how much information it gives you.  For instance, you can import weather patterns and sun positions for cities all over the world so that you can see how your structure would be effected.   You can do a daylight analysis to determine how much natural daylight your interior environment would have and alter your design if needed prior to actually building the structure live.

Here are the images we completed.

Solar Geometry

Solar Radiation

Daylight Analysis

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solar decathlon recap 2011

In studio today, Travis forwarded the students a .pdf for the Solar Decathlon project we are currently working on, as well as the process of us moving forward with this entire school project.


It’s really a great PDF to view for those who want to learn more about what I’ve been working on this semester.