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20 Designers, 400 Models

For our Interior Architecture studio, we were required to each make 20 contextual models based on ideas we had for a space designed around an activity and an object.  Since my object is my Great Grandmother’s rolling pin and my activity is writing, I began exploring what an interior space designed around these two things would mean.

The Rolling Pin, for me, symbolizes family, love, gatherings and traditions.  Writing symbolizes contemplation, inspiration and solitude.  Combined, I wanted to generate a space that was not only open, but also had the ability to be partitioned off for privacy.  Lighting was also important to consider since it effected the usability of the space for both gatherings and writing.  Considering how the interior would heat up with a large amount of people, as well as how daylight would effect that too was important.  To limit the use of the Mechanical systems, making sure that direct sunlight did not penetrate the space to harshly (making it hot) was to be considered.  the cooking that would be done with this rolling pin also needed even temperatures for dough making and rolling.  Writing on the other hand, required indirect, yet adequate lighting that limited the shadows generated when there are obstacles in the way.

All of these thoughts brought me to making 20 models that may not understood by others, but they brought me through my process.  The picture displayed is a portion of what we, as a class, came up with.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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