Posted in Lighting, Materials

Threaded Refraction

Above is an 11×17 poster depicting our light box. For this assignment we had complete freedom to manipulate light as we pleased within a 12×12 box. In this exploration, we created a box within a box. The main light effect below, and described above as “threaded refraction”, was created by stringing fishing line through a series of holes cut with a laser at UNCG’s CAM studio. On this 11×11 box within its outer frame, three sides are adorned with peep-holes to see the result.  The oculus on top gives light to the glittering effect. This box uses both electric and natural light and a string of lights lines the bottom of the 12×12 box both adding to the glittering effect of the box within, but also letting light out of the organically shaped cut out on the exterior of our light box as a whole.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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