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Visual Communications Final Project

presentation board

 This final class in the Visual Communication series of second year had us in groups to design a model based on the house we constructed in Rhino.  The group I was in (Kathryn Frye, Cassie Bradfield, Carlie Blake) did The Bordeaux House.  (aka: Maison à  Bordeaux) 
The Bordeaux House was designed by rem koolhaus for a family in France and had many moving parts and platforms.  One of the owners was handicapped and confined to a wheelchair so moving him from one floor to the next was taken into account.  The floor went with him!
With the idea of moving parts in our minds, we designed our model base as a topographical map cut into a total of 12 pieces.  We made the map out of layers of cardboard and covered them with a form fitting polystyrene to make a smooth model base, yet able to move each of the 12 pieces from their place.  This conceptual model symbolized the moving parts of the house and was in sharp contrast to the landscape that the house actually sits on in France.  where in life it is a lush green natural area, our landscape for the model was sparse and anything but natural.  
Our representation of the house on the model was made of a wood that we treated with teak oil and it sat loosely on top of the base.  Since the actual house in France is made of metal and glass, we wanted to make our model out of a primitive, natural material.  This too helped flip the notion of what is natural and unnatural about the property compared to our model.
For our presentation board, we chose to use the topography base of our model as the background and superimpose the image of the house.  It seems very dreamy and the colors, again, are in stark contrast to the green lush landscape it is situated on.

Image credit: carlie blake

image credit: carlie blake


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