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Jenga 6.0

For our next Jenga piece, we were required to choose an area in the world (outside of the U.S.).  Our team chose Darwin, Australia. 

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With residents from over 56 countries, the capital city of Darwin, Australia sits on the remote tip of the Northern Territories linking trade to Asia.  Named after British evolutionist, Charles Darwin, many regard it as a modern but mellow metropolis with approximately 130,000 residents. The area gained forty percent of the population within the past 40 years
Darwin, just 12 degrees south of the equator experiences a tropical climate, with a wet and dry season, although the average temperature doesn’t fall below 70 degrees. Darwin can see up to 400 mm of rain in the summer (Dec – Feb), which contributes to its lush landscape and beautiful parks.[1]
With a history of renewal and construction, Darwin sustained World War II bombings and a destructive cyclone in the early 1970’s to emerge as a community with a prosperous, growing economy and access to vast mineral wealth, a booming tourist industry and an important military base for northern Australia.  With new port facilities, an improved airport, all weather roads and the opening of the railway linking Darwin to the rest of Australia, the city expects continued growth.[2]
Rebuilding the city multiple times has helped Darwin maintain a youthful spirit with multiple outdoor public spaces.[3]  Built on a low bluff overlooking Darwin Harbor and Beagle Gulf, a wide variety of activities enliven the waterfront such as Skycity Darwin[4].  Skycity offers a casino, restaurants and hotels. Additionally, visitors have characterized Darwin with an active nightlife, markets, outdoor malls, festivals and cultural events, all within a walkable community.



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