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[iar 202] REFLECTION

Reflecting back on your previous work helps us move forward to making our future work more successful.  In each step, a time for reflection is required for me so that I learn from my mistakes and take my successes to a different level. The learning process will never be complete and in knowing this, I welcome each ability to not only express myself in my work, but also to gain knowledge from the critique process and use it as a path for growth.
With this last project, I have certainly learned a lot about my ability.  I was fortunate to learn some new digital techniques that helped me immensely with my time management  and implementation of a more successful project than my previous. Managing my time allowed me the ability to make a completed model and plan my board layouts.  I felt less panicked and more rested going into critiques and it helped all along in creating my design.
I am excited about moving forward to Jenga 3.0.  I work well in a team environment and I’m thrilled with the team members I am paired with.  We are all on a great path of discovery and our final project will, no doubt, be amazing.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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