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Hive Narrative

Plan View – Hive

Upon arriving to this entrance, you are welcomed by a wooden two paneled door.  The warm tones of the grain and the sunlight shining through the clear glass transom of equal width above the entrance, are a foreshadowing of the warm experience to come in this space.

Entering the room, you are immediately flooded with the sunlight shining in from the 6 windows centered along the opposite wall.  Shadows casting onto the polished concrete floors bring your eye to large wooden modular units separating private from public space.  Immediately walking through the entrance, you are in the public space with a small kitchenette sits against the modular unit to the left, separating the bathroom from the rest of the space.


These units, along with the long, open shelving over the kitchen workspace mimic the drawers of a man-made beehive.  Continuing to the left brings you past pocket doors and into the bathroom, continuing to be flooded with the sunlight from the windows.  Moving back into the public space and off to the right side of the space, you first come across a built in couch opposite the kitchenette.

Living area

Cut outs for books and various items gives interest to what would otherwise be a solid mass.  Continuing on into the sleeping area, you see pull out drawers along the ends of this modular unit. (These drawers can be used for clothes if needed.)  The bedroom, beyond enjoys the natural light from two windows on the long wall and a full sized bed.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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