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Studio Wall Project

photo credit: katherine mccain

My studio with Robert Charest began the semester designing an interpretation of a wall.  Originally there were two groups to design two separate walls, a Rammed Earth Wall and a Minimalistic wood frame wall.  The class came together and chose to work on one wall; the Minimalistic wood frame wall. This last week of class, they have built a 1/4 scale model and on Thursday 12/9, began the installation in the lobby of the Studio Arts building. The project will be complete on Monday 12/13 with an board explaining the history of the project as well as the process they went through to completion.

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Spiritual Essence

This first semester studio with Robert Charest provided with the opportunity to develop a cancer wellness retreat center for families on a property located in Haw River, NC. Owned by Ms. Sydney Pennix, her vision was to create a space for families to come together to help in their healing process. Being inspired by her vision, we approached this project with the notion of having the structure being “born” from the land. This provided us the opportunity to use the land to help create moments of serenity and contemplation.

My group consisted of Kathryn Frye, Brian Peck and I. To follow, you will find the presentation board, a picture of our final model as well as our digital presentation.  We put our heart and soul into this project and you can find a piece of each of us in each rendering.