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[iar 222] Reading Comprehension 7

In our last reading comprehension, were were assigned to view an exhibit at the Weatherspoon Art Museum entitled “Inquiring Eyes: Greensboro Collects Art.  According to their website,  “this exhibit is the prelude to the museum’s 70th anniversary celebration next year and features 111 artists from private Greensboro art collections.” This collection features 7 different themes of which I was assigned “Creature World”. 

I chose to diagram the work by Jim Hodges titled “Good Morning”, as seen on the left of the picture from the Weatherspoon’s website.  This piece consists of a hanging silk scarf with a silver chain in the shape of a metal spider web dangling from a ripped portion of the scarf.  In this piece, it has been suggested that it represents the element and passage of time.  I suggest that it is of Post Modern design and have included my interpretation of it here.

  In our Harwood volume 2 book (pg. 837), it describes the concept of post modernism adopting “a pluralistic, inclusive approach that acknowledges the importance of communication, complexity and diversity of aesthetics, form, space and color.” On page 844 of Harwood, it states “ Colors inspired by designers… Include dusty pink, mauve, terra-cotta, pale yellow, blue, aqua and celadon.  Materials are often selected because of their color impact.”  “Good Morning” displays complexity by the woven nature of a spider web.  The colors of the scarf, such as  pinks and pale yellows, as well as the silky nature creating a harsh contrast to the metallic chain used in the webbing.


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