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Old Time Ski-Car

Scavenger Hunt- Clue 5

Pick a car, any car, and draw it.

So, I found this awesome car (would love to have this).  Here is the original picture..

We then needed to sketch it… so, here is that attempt..

Now, when I saw this car, I immediately thought it would look cool as a convertible.. and when I think of convertible, I think of two things… Summer and a VW bug.  So I took the VW bug idea and ran with it and instead of summer, I chose to modify this car for winter and, well.. see below..

Yes, I put ski’s on it. I also gave the front bumper some teeth and the grill two pig nostrils cause it looked like a face to me.  I also gave it a ships wheel instead of a regular steering wheel and I topped off this ride with a cool daisy on the antenna. 

 And here is my final rendering… 🙂
This was a super fun project – Thanks Suzanne!!!