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Sketching Scavenger Hunt – part 2,3,4

Scavenger Hunt clues 2-4

For this latest hunt, we needed to choose an object and draw small thumbnails of details on it.  I chose my altoids container.  This container reminds me of a bumblebee and it’s appropriately named, “Cool Honey”.  (I highly recommend it, too…)  From this object, I drew 25 small thumbnails of things I found on the outside of the container and after that, I took three of the objects I enjoyed the most and drew them one last time.

From here, I designed a simple reading area and took my last three sketches as imspiration.  We were then instructed to choose 4 colors and render the room in 4 different ways.

The top inspiration image of the two curves, you will notice a curve motif on the wall opposite the window.  the middle inspiration image shows up in the round pillow on the day bed/couch area.  And the Honey ‘spoon’ can be seen in the stripes on the walls.

I enjoyed doing the 25 sketches ALOT!  I found it somewhat challenging to narrow my vision so to speak to find things to draw, but once I did, I really had fun with it!!


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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