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IARC Field Trip – 4/11-12/200

This semester, we took a trip to Monticello in Virginia and FallingWater in Pennsylvania with our first year class, as well as a bunch of teachers and some third year students.  This was my second trip to Fallingwater and I was sooo looking forward to it!  I have been to Monticello before, but it was when I was a kid (during one of the many history “Trips” my dad would plan for our family) and I don’t remember it much.

I only sketched one thing the entire trip – of Monticello and it was while sitting by a reflecting pond, and I took a few pictures.  We were not able to take any photo’s inside, so all of my pictures are of the exterior grounds.

As you can see, Thomas Jefferson was having fun too.. 🙂

FallingWater was our stop on Monday 4/12.  The first time I went here, was 5 years ago in the fall and what a difference a season makes!!!  Here are just a few of my pictures.

I had a totally fantastic time.