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Rendering with Markers (iar112)

  For this week, we needed to draw three exterior perspectives after reading two chapters in our design book and then use a rendering technique.  I found this read really interesting and decided that I was going to try using markers.  I completed the sketches last night and saved the rendering for today so I could get a few markers. (the ones I ordered online haven’t come in yet)  so… I walked to school today and stopped into Adams and got a few markers that were on sale for $1 and completed my rendering of my homework at school and…

I am in love with markers… and it’s not just cause I like the way they smell.

During class today, we were given a sketch of a living room scene and a sketch of a pocket book and we needed to use some techniques that we read about in our book, in addition to the demonstration that Susanne gave us.  Here is my living room rendering…

I have to say, I am VERY pleased with my result and I have this hanging up at my desk because I can finally say that I love one of my pieces.  I adore markers and all I needed to know was how to effectively use them.  I am currently working on the pocketbook sketch rendering and will upload once complete. 

So, once again, I am in love with markers!!!!!