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13th Century Gothic Architecture – IAR102

For our next Environmental Design II project, we are divided into groups and each group is designing an archway in a different period architecture for the basement entrance in the back of the building.  We are building this and one of the materials we need to use is cardboard. We need to make sure that the structure does not obstruct the usability of the entranceway.   My group (#4) is doing 13th century Gothic Architecture, which I have to say is one of my favorite periods, so I’m psyched!  The group decided that we were each going to draw something and make a sketch model out of cardboard of our feature. 

I chose the Gothic Window.  Since there are a few different gothic designs, the one I chose consists of a few different arches within the frame.  I did the sketch and then in cardboard, I cutout the window which looks pretty good. 
Here are the pictures!

My sketch

And these are my cutouts in the cardboard.  I am thinking of making a cube out of the cardboard, with the window on one face.  I left my better knife at school so I will bring it in the morning and decide if I’m going to do it that way.  In any event, I think I’m ready for the morning and can’t believe there is one night this week where I am done prior to 10pm!!


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