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Window Project Sketchup Assignment (IAR102)

Stoel had also required us to work in Sketchup to make a model of our window project.  I have played around with sketchup a little and really learned alot from doing this model.  Although the class was given a short tutorial of the program, I noticed we really relied on the use of the online tutorials on the google website.
It was later decided that since we were requested to produce something that was well beyond our skill level, that we could either finish up what we already worked on after we completed it, draw a perspective drawing on 11 x 17 vellum, or we could do both.  Since I was just about done with my project, I chose to just complete it and call it a day. I have two versions of my sketchup model.

This is the first one.  This is prior to me importing a cardboard skin and made some final adjustments.

And then here is my final drawing


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