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Vignettes – IAR 112

For this assignment, we needed to draw scale figures in relation to large objects and then use water color to make it “pop”.  The intention was to show the figure either relating (or not) to the object and show some sort of movement.

I went on and found tree pictures that I used for inspiration. a Tiki Poll type figure, two people sitting on a bench holding a pride flag and someone parasailing.  Here are the original photo’s:


  I am still trying to figure out how to use watercolors and what helps is that I purchased better brushes.  I do however realize I still need practice and considering that I don’t feel I am good at drawing by hand, I think I did fairly ok.

here is my attempt at putting my own spin on it.

This is the parasailing drawing I did.  I have this fear of heights and try to over-come it frequently and I have always wanted to parasail.  What I did with this picture is have someone dangling off of the parasail – holding on with one hand.  I know it’s kinda morbid, but it’s how I feel when I get my fear of heights before conquering it.. 😉

This is my spin on the tiki person.  What I did was drew tiki-man upside down so my left brain wouldn’t be in such control with drawing him and I think I did ok considering.  Tiki man looked so serious, so I thought livening him up a bit by having someone doing a cartwheel while naked would be cute.    I drew the sky with some blues, reds, oranges and yellows to put more color in the picture and simulate a sunset. 
In this sketch, I actually drew the faces of the scale figures.  I also tried to intertwine their legs as shown in the original picture.
I am enjoying the hand drawing more this semester then last.  I think I’m not beating myself up so much in my critiquing.  One of my classmates said something that really hit home to me… “the more you beat yourself up, the more your drawing suffers”.  That is soooooo true with me.  I think I am much better and drawing then I was when I started the program and this is only my second semester.  I am so excited to compare my drawings when I graduate to what I am doing now!