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Composition and Storytelling – IAR 112

For our second homework assignment, we needed to choose an ad out of a magazine and mimic it in our sketchbook to reflect our first week back to school. We had no limitations on how many items we needed to use in our drawing but we needed to have it layed out similarly to the ad we chose.

I received my latest edition of Architectural Digest (feb ’10) and I loved the ad on the inside cover.  It is a two page ad for Breguet watches and I adored the simplicity of it.  Here is the original ad first:

I loved how the background was subdued and didn’t overshadow the watch.

And here is my spin on the ad…

I drew a large scale picture of a floor plan for my background.  On the left page, I chose a quote that I love from Architect, Mies van der Rohe.  Then on the right page, I chose two objects… One was the incense burner from our first project and the second one was a shoe.    I chose the shoe because I can now wear two of them.  When I broke my leg and had ankle surgery in December, I was in a cast until last friday.  I went to the doctor and received fantastic news that I can now wear a brace which can be used while I wear a shoe.  I chose to make the shoe slightly larger then the incense burner because I am super excited about being able to walk!!!!


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

2 thoughts on “Composition and Storytelling – IAR 112

  1. Heyyyy Audra…so I think you transferred the layout of your inspiration very well in your own way. Referring back to the origainl, I think it might add to yours if you were to make the quote darker, that way the background will even more 'subdued' like you said you enjoyed about the original. Nice job : )

  2. Nice job! I'm so glad your foot is getting better! Yay for shoes!! And I love your layout and the objects you chose, but without reading your description I was wondering why there was a shoe. ha. So next time it might be helpful to make it more obvious what the story behind your drawing is. Maybe you could have drawn you stomping on some crutches or something. But other than that, great job!

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