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Floor Plan 11/09

For our latest project, we needed to draw a floor plan of a lake house for the Blanding family. (a fictional client) the house is a small 2 bedroom home with a cement patio.  What were to show our method of poch`e (coloring in the walls) as well as our use of line weights and skill in drafting.  We then were given a list of furniture we needed to fit into the house and come up with our own design while researching furniture styles and drawing everything to 1/4″ scale based on the furniture we chose.  Seeing the limitations of the given floor plan, I decided to change it up a bit.  I extended both bedrooms and gave the master bedroom a walk in closet, larger bathroom and sliding doors leading out to the screened porch we were to incorporate into the plan.  I also pushed the back wall out, giving the kitchen a more open feeling, as well as making the dining area more functional.  I also designated a closet for both the washer and dryer as well as the hot water heater, as well as a linen closet and I even gave the home a coat closet not too far from the front door.  A new doorway was installed, replacing a window, from the kitchen onto the front patio which also has a bar-b-q from the original plan. 

I felt these changes were required for a family of three, giving more entertaining space, more views to the lake which equates to more natural light into the house.  I know that this family will appreciate the changes I have made and find it works quite well for them.

Original plan

  Updated plan with furniture layout

Updated plan – additional view

Updated second bedroom detail

Updated master bath and walk in closet detail


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