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Scale Figures

This morning’s exercise in Design Visualization was drawing Sara (one of our TA’s) standing in the front of the class as a scale figure.   She did 4-5 poses and we took about 3 minutes for each pose to draw the figure.

Here is my attempt.  

To me, there is a difference between my first try (labeled 1) and my fourth try.  We were given some tips (one being the use of guides as seen on the paper here) that really helped me to visualize.

Then after lunch and my other classes, I came back to the studio and read my design book to get more information on scale figures and to practice.  I found it MUCH easier to draw a scale figure from a person in life – not from memory…

As you can see from my attempt at memory drawing of a scale figure, (see left) it did not work out as well as I would have liked.  I still need to practice and I think I’m off to a good start.

The figure on the top left of the page was my attempt of a scale figure in plan view.  I took a drawing from the book and came pretty close to drawing it how it appears there.

Then, the figure that shows next to the height chart was an additional attempt to try a different method of drawing scale figures shown in the book.  I’m not sure why this was more frustrating to me.  My figure came out to look like the Incredible Hulk which was not the look I was trying for.. 🙂  The figure at the bottom left is my favorite of the attempts on this page.  It’s fun to try different methods to see what works best for me!

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Floor Plan 11/09

For our latest project, we needed to draw a floor plan of a lake house for the Blanding family. (a fictional client) the house is a small 2 bedroom home with a cement patio.  What were to show our method of poch`e (coloring in the walls) as well as our use of line weights and skill in drafting.  We then were given a list of furniture we needed to fit into the house and come up with our own design while researching furniture styles and drawing everything to 1/4″ scale based on the furniture we chose.  Seeing the limitations of the given floor plan, I decided to change it up a bit.  I extended both bedrooms and gave the master bedroom a walk in closet, larger bathroom and sliding doors leading out to the screened porch we were to incorporate into the plan.  I also pushed the back wall out, giving the kitchen a more open feeling, as well as making the dining area more functional.  I also designated a closet for both the washer and dryer as well as the hot water heater, as well as a linen closet and I even gave the home a coat closet not too far from the front door.  A new doorway was installed, replacing a window, from the kitchen onto the front patio which also has a bar-b-q from the original plan. 

I felt these changes were required for a family of three, giving more entertaining space, more views to the lake which equates to more natural light into the house.  I know that this family will appreciate the changes I have made and find it works quite well for them.

Original plan

  Updated plan with furniture layout

Updated plan – additional view

Updated second bedroom detail

Updated master bath and walk in closet detail