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This has been – by far – the hardest project for me.  I have great difficulty drawing people and I think I need more instruction on how to better my technique.
Over the weekend, my partner, Janine and I went to Washington DC for the National Equality March at the Capitol Building and more often then not, we were outside so finding an interior space was difficult.  
In this picture, I sketched Janine at this rooftop restaurant we dined at on Saturday evening… the food was yummy, the sunset and view was amazing and we were with a friend of ours that we met up with and were having a great time. Janine was sitting next to me on a bench seat with the city behind her.  
In this next drawing, I sketched her while she was watching TV in our living room.

This sketch was done of a boy at the equality march who was with his parents.  He was standing there and I was captured by his sign, so I sketched him.  I took a picture of this and sketched it from that picture because I did not have the ability to have him stand there for an extended period of time without disturbing his parents.
These are two more drawings that I did.. One of Janine sleeping on the bed and another one of a random person in a store.  The random person was extremely difficult for me to do, not only because I had a limited time to draw her, but also because I just have a difficult time drawing people.


Lover of architectural history, family, building design, coffee and dogs.

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