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we had to design a 4×4 cube that was suspended over an 8×8 square base by straws.  I decided to make a cube that was similar to a puzzle and then cantilever it over the base that I would make look like a topographical map.

I cut each side of the cube into their own separate square and then 1/2″ from certain sides of the cubes, I cut a 1/32″ slit half way down, which would fit into eachother and connect without using any bonding material.

As far as the cantilever, my inspiration was Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Fallingwater’.  I wanted to make my sticks support the cube without being too noticeable.  I glued a straw – one on each side- along the bottom of the cube and had it extend to the vertical straws that I cut into chipboard and glued down.

I needed to eventually use string for extra support in the joints and to hold the piece back, so it wouldn’t fall forward.  Also, the chipboard that I used to try to make a topographical map was more difficult to use then I originally thought, and although I scored at least 4 times per cut, the cuts did not come out as clean as I would have liked.  I sanded them too, but I did this after I glued the pieces on top of eachother to make the “map”.  I believe if I had sanded the edges prior to glueing them, it would have had a cleaner look.  I was also informed during critique, that laser cutters for chipboard work best.  I know this for the future.