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IAR 101 – Project #2 – Container

I am pleased in how my second project worked out.  To recap, we needed to take paper, fabric and thread and somehow intersect them.  Originally I had thought I would make it look very primitive, as seen from my previous post showing pictures of my first and second attempt.  I believe I ended up working on this a total of 5 times before I came up with my latest and final design.

I wanted to stay with the burlap, as I think the texture and color worked for me.  I took a 9″ flat round needle point plastic form.  I cut it down to approx. 6″ in diameter and cut the burlap into a circle about a half an inch less then the diameter of the form for the top, and the same size piece of yellow construction paper for the bottom.

I cut grooves into the form where the bamboo legs were to connect to the form and wove my leather thread into I used this same thread to weave through the form to hold the burlap down, as well as making a border around the edges of the form, to decrease the view of the form.  The burlap kept wanting to “bubble” up on top of the form, and I needed to figure out a way to connect the yellow paper to the project, so I took a yellow string, brought it up the middle of the circle, and connected it to each intersection point of the bamboo.  This made what looks like a peace sign on the top, as well as bottom.  This defines the space in which Buddha should sit, as well.

I used the same leather thread and weaved it through the bamboo rods to hold them together towards the top and took another piece of yellow thread and curved it around three times of the tallest bamboo. (I see this as a ray of light coming down for enlightenment.)

Here is the final outcome.  What do you think?