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I am having alot of issues with this second project for Enviro Design and I’m not sure what to do about it….

Meet Fred… the Buddha

I have made a “temple-like” container for him…

and after the critique, I decided to try to change the color of the fabric after a few people mentioned that Fred looks like he is blending too much into the fabric.

Here is my updated container….

and the bottom of it……

I can’t really sew, but I did my best to not only sew the fabric into the paper, but also use glue to hold it in tighter…

and then it was mentioned to try something else in second critique, as the object seems to be dictating the way the container is going…  I guess my question to that is…. “aren’t we supposed to be making the container FOR the object?? why wouldn’t it dictate what the container will look like???”

so – I am deciding on whether I should re-work the entire container, or stick with how it was originally, with a few minor adjustments to the fabric and the way it was connected…  We have final critique tomorrow morning, so I think I will take my supplies home and see what I come up with…

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Vanessa had suggested I post some notes I had on lettering from a class I took previously.  I hope it helps you all..

First, here is a picture of my lettering project on 9/10/09:

And now, here are the pages of notes you can all feel free to print out if they help you.