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Blind Contour

I am in love with Blind Contour drawing because it is OK to make it look unrecognizable.  One of our exercises was to draw our hand.  I drew it a few times in different positions and I have to laugh each time I look at it.  This so far may be my favorite way of drawing since there is no way I can be critical about something done this way..

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Give me a straight edge, some lead and a triangle, and I can draw you a floor plan.  I can even do it freehand… but give me an object or person? and I’m like a fish out of water.  My mind has this way of deciding what something should look like, instead of seeing what is actually there so the exercises we are doing in our IARC110 class are challenging to me. 

One of our projects was to draw something upside down and to draw it right side up on our paper.  When I was going through the process, I would look at what I was doing on paper and I’m sure everyone around me could see the huge ‘?’ in my thought bubble above me.  But when I turned that sheet around… to my surprise, it actually looked like something!!  Now, it is not perfect  but that is what I love about it… it is perfect to me because what I drew actually looks like something..  I think my right brain needed to detach from my left brain and drawing from an upside down picture let me look at the lines as just lines – not a tie or a hand or a part of a chair…

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Project 1 – Two natural archives connected by a linear form

When originally designing this project, I had two different materials from what I ended up with.  it’s amazing how your design process can totally throw you in a different direction…

 The project required us to find two objects in a natural setting and attach them in some way with something linear..  I found a bell shaped piece of metal and was thinking about how I could attach it to this cool rock I had. I thought of metal.  I wrapped the wire around the rock three times, to mimic the three sides of the bell object.  Since there was a hole in the middle of the bell, I was going to run the wire through the hole and have the bell standing over the rock… I was not happy with the way it looked, but I loved the rock so I decided to save the bell for another day and look for something else to pair with the rock..

So – I began searching in my yard for something and I found some pretty amazing pieces of wood sticking out of the ground.  I broke off a few pieces and “sticks and stones” came into my head, so I tried to pair the rock with the rock…  Still not happy with it, I decided to search for something else…

I loved the look of the wood (which turns out to be cedar) and I had another piece that was flatter and I went searching again for something… I found a piece of Eucalyptus.  I loved the simplicity of the way these two objects could be combined and I decided to drill a hole in the cedar wood, take a small piece of twine that I found and threaded it through the wood up to the stem of the eucalyptus.  I brought the stem through the hole and knoted it at the bottom which helps support the piece to stand upright. 

What I really love about this object is the process I went through to get the end product. My idea completely changed and my thought process and my ability to adapt to the change surprised me.  I am also very motivated by my senses and the cedar and eucalyptus smell wonderful together. I love the simplicity of it.. how organic it looks – you cannot see the twine without looking closer to the piece..